Price of the American President's Car, the Safest Car in the World?

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As is known, every country must have onepresidential caritself as a mode of transportation used to secure the number one person in the country, both for domestic and foreign purposes.
At the eventG20 SummitIn Bali which lasted for two days yesterday, American President Joe Biden was escorted by dozens of high security cars. So, one of the cars that has attracted the most attention from the public is the Cadillac custom-built limousine which is nicknamed "The Beast".
So, how much does the armored car cost? The following is information about The Beast car that you need to know.

American Presidential Car Prices

Quoted from the Skyscape page , the car used by the American President was designed and developed exclusively by General Motors, an automotive manufacturer based in the United States.
In fact, The Beast car or what is usually called "Cadillac One” This has been around since Donald J. Trump's administration in 2018. Then the car is said to have received several updates every year to maximize the president's security.
Regarding the price, The Beast car is predicted to have a price of around $ 1.5 million or the equivalent of IDR 23 billion. However, it is reported that General Motors has spent more than $ 15 million on research and development for its cars.

For your information, detailed specifications of your carJoe BidenThis is still being kept secret by presidential security. Of course, this is due to many factors, one of which is the security of the president himself. However, if we talk about specifications in general, the car has the following features.
Talking about its appearance, Joe Biden's The Beast car has the face of a Cadillac CT6 with dimensions that exceed those of a medium SUV. Not only that, this car tire is also larger like a medium truck tire.
The security of this car is equipped with several tank-like devices, such as bulletproof glass with a thickness of 5 inches, doors with a thickness of 8 inches which keep the interior tightly closed, run-flat tires, weapons storage, and an armored fuel tank to prevent explosions or fires. 

Meanwhile, another feature of this car is its emergency mitigation. This includes oxygen cylinders, emergency medical equipment, and several blood bags according to the president's vehicle type.
This is the information regarding the price of the American President's car at the Bali G20 Summit. In your opinion, what equipment makes this car special? Write in the comments column.


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